Life groups

A LIFE Group is a small group of 3-10 people gathering together to learn and grow as they participate in Bible study. Groups meet during the week at various times and places to discuss and apply in a practical way the Biblical principles shared during the Sunday sermon.

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Three functions of a Life Group - “Doing Life Together” 

Authentic Relationships - “A Place to Connect” 

A Life Group is a safe place where authentic relationships are built; a place to gather, not just study together and know each other, but to also enjoy life together outside of group study. A place where people share life together in good times and bad, as friends in Christ, providing each other with encouragement, strength, confidence and joy. 

 Spiritual Transformation - “A Place to Grow” 

A Life Group is a place where spiritual transformation happens in the life of each group member. Members are transformed as they apply Biblical truths to their lives through prayer, life-changing lessons, discussions and accountability. 

 Servanthood & Mission - “A Place to Serve” 

A Life Group encourages service opportunities in the church and in the community. Every member is a minister! Each of us is shaped to serve. Serving together builds up the body of Christ and enhances personal growth as a follower of Christ. Having a missions-oriented mindset is crucial in a Life Group. Enjoy the adventure! 

  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study

    Adult Bible Study - Every Wednesdays we have our Life Group open to all adults.  We invite you to join us in Room 306.

  • Sermon Based life group

    Pat and Chee Chamberlin's life group meets every other Tuesday at 6:30 pm. They discuss the previous Sunday's sermon. 

  • Through the Bible

    This life group meets every other Sunday at 6:00 pm with Cort and Kathye Tangeman. They study the previous Sunday's sermon. 

  • CLF Men Only Sermon Based

    They meet every other Sunday night at 6:00 pm with Pastor Dave. This group is for men only. They study different parts of the Bible. 

  • Sermon Based Life Group

    This group meets every other Thursday at 6:30 pm with Bob and Gaile Hanson. They study the previous Sunday's sermon. 

  • Sunday Morning Life Group

    This group meets Sunday mornings at 8:45 am in room 306W. The topic in this life group changes periodically. 

  • Financial Peace Life Group

    They will be meeting every other Sunday at 6:00 pm with Dan & Theresa Ganiere. They will be studying financial peace in a chaotic world.