What is a Host Home?          Who can run a Host Home?         Why host homes?

A Host Home is a small group that gathers in someone’s home to watch the service, pray, worship and discuss that week’s message together.

Host Homes provide a safe environment for growth, fellowship, and discipleship. You’re able to share meals, coffee, and life with the people within your Host Home.
Facilitators are individuals or families that want to offer their home to be a Host Home but don’t feel they have the ability (YET), to lead a small group.

Small Group Leaders
Small Group Leaders are individuals or families that would love to lead a Host Home but don’t have a suitable environment to run a Host Home out of.

Can I be a Facilitator & Small Group Leader?
Yes! You can do both! If you feel that you have a suitable environment and the leadership skills necessary, you can absolutely sign up to do both!

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, Host Homes minimize large group exposure for church and community populations.

Host Homes provide the means of gathering that the church was meant for, assembled together in homes.

Host Homes have the ability to provide greater fulfillment for fellowship and use of gifting that may be missed in a large group setting.

Lastly, Host Homes lend themselves the ability to reach past our immediate surroundings into our neighborhoods and expanded communities.

Host Training Vid

If you have watched the Host Home Intro Video and are interested in being a part of this ministry, please watch this video for more information!


To sign up as a host, or just as someone who wants to attend a host home, please click the buttons below for our sign-up forms.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pastor Ben at:

How NOT to lead a Host Home

 Here is a comical video about how NOT to lead a small group (Host Home).