Mission & Vision


The mission of Christian Life Fellowship is to reach all people within the greater Mayville, Wisconsin area and the world with the hope of Jesus Christ, compelling those who do not follow Christ to do so and challenging those who do follow Christ to become fully devoted and Spirit-filled in following Him, expressing their devotion through evangelism, preaching, teaching, worship, prayer, healing, fellowship and the Biblical cultivation of a God centered family and community as demonstrated in Acts 2:42-47.


The vision of Christian Life Fellowship is to provide a home in Mayville, Wisconsin where people young and old, of all ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds can experience deep spiritual growth through a personal relationship of devotion to Jesus Christ. Our vision is centered upon the person of Jesus Christ and proclaiming His living Word. The reality of this vision is led by the Holy Spirit and supported through our philosophy of ministry and by the outreach and Christian growth ministries of Christian Life Fellowship. We strive to provide a caring family atmosphere where the love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, healing, and miracles, of Christ are experienced. Christian Life Fellowship encourages each person to become fully devoted in following Jesus Christ and to develop a lifestyle of intimacy with Christ.


Worship: We believe our first and primary purpose is to know and exalt God. This involves celebrating who God is corporately and individually. Worship was a crucial part of the church as seen in the book of Acts. The desire to proclaim the worthiness of God and to meet with Him creates an atmosphere of unity and Godly awe. We are committed to developing and encouraging Christ-honoring, God-centered, Holy Spirit-led, and heart-felt worship.

Expression, Evangelism, and Expansion: A healthy church will naturally demonstrate and express the life of Christ to each other and to the world. We want to equip the followers of Christ to give a clear reason for their faith. The church in the book of Acts continued to reach out to its world so that the kingdom of God expanded daily. We have been given the directive and authority by Jesus to make disciples of all people, baptizing and teaching them all he commanded us to do (Mathew 28:18-20). Jesus died that none should perish, but that all who believe would have abundant and eternal life (John 3:15-16, John 10:10).

Wholeness: Our goal is to see all people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We believe the avenues necessary to do so include careful Bible instruction, prayer and service. Teaching and preaching the Word of God was the foundation for life and faith in the early church and is foundational as well for Christian Life Fellowship. With the early church, believers were encouraged to experience God intimately and personally through prayer. The importance of each believer's prayer life cannot be underestimated. The church will rise or fall on the strength of this one ingredient.

Family: We see the Church of Jesus Christ as a community of people who are learning to love each other in much the same way that a natural family does. The early church fellowshipped together, this develops and encourages unity. We believe a strong family can endure hardships and differences better than an institution.